SMS and Email Messaging Consent

SMS and email is our preferred method of communication and will be used in the first instance. However, if you do not use have a mobile telephone or email account, we may leave voicemails via your landline.

Voicemails are left only when the practice must get in touch with you.

Please note: The parents/guardians of children aged 11 or under may use these services, e.g. to be reminded of children’s appointments.

However, on the child’s 12th birthday, this service will be removed until the child turns 16 and personally completes a consent form.

SMS and Email Messaging Consent Declaration

I consent to the Barcroft Medical Practice contacting me, using the information I have provided for the purposes of:

Appointment Reminders
Test Results
Health Promotions (Stop Smoking Information, Flu Campaigns, Vaccines etc.)
Practice Updates

You can opt out if this service at any time by contacting the practice.

I acknowledge that:

  • Appointment reminders are an additional service and that they may not be sent on all occasions.
  • It is my responsibility for attending appointments.
  • It is my responsibility to cancel an appointment.
  • Text messages are generated using a secure facility but I understand that they are transmitted over a public network onto a personal telephone and as such may not be secure.
  • I understand that the practice will not transmit any information which would enable an individual patient to be identified.


Due to issues around confidentiality, this service is not available for children aged 11 - 15 years. 

Once a child turns 16, he/she can register for this sevice.